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Gail Howard says that such powerful systems are simple and easy to use. There is no faster, easier, yet effective way to get immediate odds improvement in Lotto. This is the way it works. Let's assume for example, that you have decided to use Lotto System 401 for wheeling eight numbers.

Before using this system, first choose eight different Lotto numbers. You can't use the same number more than once in any wheeling system. After you have chosen the eight Lotto numbers you want to play, write them in the boxes under the letters A through H, under "Your 8 Numbers to Wheel". Your numbers can be entered in any order, or from low to high.
In the four games below, write the number you have placed under box A in all the boxes that have little A's in them. Then, do the same with the numbers you have written under all the other letters.

Wheel 401 Chart

For this example, let's assume that you have chosen to play the following group of eight Lotto numbers: 3, 8, 14, 15, 21, 28, 34, and 39. Having chosen your eight Lotto numbers, you can place them in any order, or from low to high under the eight letters.
Those letters tell you which of your chosen Lotto numbers should be placed in a corresponding letter box to make the right combinations.
Under the "4 Games to Play, notice there is a tiny letter in the upper left hand corner of each box. As in the following, simply take the Lotto number you have placed under the letter "A" and write that number in each box on this system where you see an A.

In our example, we have designated Lotto number 3 as A. So, if you were using the Lotto numbers in this example, you would place a 3 in each box that has a small "A" in it. Do the same with the Lotto number you have placed under the letter B, filling in all the little B boxes with that number, which in this example is an 8.

Continue with the rest of the numbers until you have filled in every box in the system. When you have finished, your eight number picks will be perfectly wheeled into the four correct combinations-ready to be transferred to your bet slips so you can buy your Lotto tickets.

REMINDER: For the minimum win guarantee to be effective, you must play every game in the system. It's always possible that you may win much more than the guaranteed minimum. The maximum number of prizes you could hope to win are shown for each system.

For example, in 6/49 Lotto, the chance of trapping the six winning numbers in a group of 8 is one in 499, 422.

NOTE: For more information on the different wheeling systems, refer to Gail Howard's Lottery Mastery Guide.
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